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Pet Waste Problems

Spring has finally arrived and children are outside playing in the beautiful weather. Central Bark Dog Park, located at 255 Greenbrook Road, is the only Township owned “leash-free” property for your pets to roam free.

Green Brook Little League fields, school fields, other Township open space and the like are experiencing a dog waste problem as seen in the picture attached.  That is not clay on his pants!  Regardless of where you are, picking up after your pet is mandated by Township Ordinance (2005-704), as pet waste is not only a pollutant to our streams, brooks and water supply, it is also very unpleasant to step in, slide in or get on you!

Allowing your pet to roam free on the ballfields is not permitted, as is failing to clean up your pet’s waste.  It’s not only un-cool, but subjects you to a summons to appear in Municipal Court and possible significant fine.

Please show your fellow residents and especially the children of our community respect by picking up your pet’s waste.  Pet stores sell baggies, or even old plastic grocery bags can easily be brought with your when you walk your pet.  Thanks for your cooperation!