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Fall Branch and Leaf Collection - Update


Due to the tremendous amount of bad weather we have had this fall, the leaf collection program is behind schedule at this time.  

South of Route 22 will be completed shortly and the other zones will begin.  We are asking for your patience with this process. It is our goal, as it is every year, to get everything completed by the end of the year.

Bagging leaves is an option for residents and has several benefits to both the residents and the Township:

· Leaves in bags will not blow around during windy periods, therefore residents would not need to re-rake.

· Bagging leaves keeps the leaves out of the gutter/street, making the stormwater run-off more effective and making the streets more passable.

· Bagged leaves can be collected in any weather, unlike the leaf vacuum which only works on dry leaf piles. 

Bags are available from your local hardware store or Townhall M-F, 8:30 to 4 will supplies last. (15 bag max)

Thank you.


Original Schedule Posted:


The zone listing can be accessed anytime, by calling (732) 968-1023 x 6689. 

                                          Branches                            Leaves

South of Route 22            October 15            October 29          November 19

Side of the Mountain        October 22            November 5        November 26

Top of the Mountain         October 29           November 12       December 3


The program is for routine maintenance, not for lot clearing.  Excessive piles will not be collected.  Leaves may be bagged or raked to the curb line, but may not be placed in the street.  Placing leaves in the street is not only prohibited per the state and local regulations governing stormwater (leaves in the street allow debris to filter into the storm sewers) but also can cause hazardous travel on roads for cars and pedestrians. Grass clippings are not collected.  Branches should be stacked for easy chipping, all facing one direction.  Stickers should be stacked separately.

The dates listed above are when residents should have their branches/leaves out by.  It does not mean that the debris will be collected on that date, it means that DPW will be starting in that zone on that date.  If DPW has come through your zone (your street) already, please refrain from repiling leaves until closer to the next pick-up date for your zone. 

Guidelines for Branches

  • Limbs over 6” in diameter will not be collected        
  • Small branches-bundle with brush 
  • Sticker bushes in a separate pile       
  • Do not mix leaves with the branches & brush
  • Keep debris away from fire hydrants
  • Place branches curbside, not in the street 


Guidelines for Leaves

  • Pile leaves curbside for pick-up by the leaf vacuum – Do not place in street
  • Place bagged leaves curbside – Do not place in street
  • Bags available from local hardware store or from Town Hall, Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:00, while supplies last (limit of 15 per household)