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FD Asks for Help Digging out Hydrants

We would like to take this time to ask for help keeping the fire hydrants clear of snow and ice. It takes five (or 10 given how much snow we got!) minutes to shovel out a fire hydrant. The time spent could turn out to be life saving if a fire breaks out in your home or a neighbor's home. Critical time is wasted when firefighters arrive on the scene of a fire and have to dig out a fire hydrant that has not been cleared of snow or ice. Here are some notes about keeping fire hydrants clear during the winter months:
Remove snow and ice within a 3-foot perimeter of the hydrant
Shovel a pathway from the hydrant to the street so firefighters can access it
Try to remove any ice that might have formed on the hydrant itself
All the same rules apply when shoveling out the fire hydrants as if you were doing your driveway:
Be careful when shoveling snow. Pace yourself. Do not shovel for more than 15-20 minutes at a time and allow an equal amount of time to rest before returning back to work.