About our Town

The Green Brook and Green Brook Township took its name from the powerful stream that flows from up in the mountains several miles away , feeding from many smaller brooks and ponds along the way, in a southwesterly direction for a distance of fifteen miles, into the Bound Brook then into the Raritan River.

"Small Enough to Know You, Large Enough to Get Things Done" is the unofficial motto of this Municipality known as the Township of Green Brook. Green Brook currently has a population of about 7,200 residents in a 4.6 square mile radius. Within the Township there are two schools, the Irene E. Feldkirchner Elementary School which proudly carries a Blue Ribbon Designation and the Green Brook Middle School.

Also contained within the boundaries of this community is Washington Rock State Park, which commemorates the spot where George Washington and Marquis De Lafayette watched the movement of the British soldiers during the Revolutionary war, mainly the months of May and June 1777. Washington Rock State Park was commissioned on March 17, 1913 and is about 34 acres in size.

Resident information

The Township of Green Brook is located in central New Jersey, with a total land area of 4.6 square miles. It is bordered on the north by Warren Township, and Watchung Borough; on the east by Watchung and North Plainfield; on the south by Dunellen and Middlesex; and on the west by Bridgewater Township.

Green Brook Township was formed out of a part of North Plainfield Township in 1932. Settlement here was about one hundred years prior to the Revolution on the Passaic River and down in the Valley, which was to become know as Washington’s Valley.