Green Brook Public Schools


The Green Brook Township Public Schools system consists of a child-centered, highly-qualified, and motivated administration that communicates openly and works collaboratively with one another and with the parents of our students to ensure the success of all students through the provision of a thorough and efficient, and free and appropriate public education, as well as through the attainment of the following goals and objectives:

  • To continue to improve school and community communication and engagement, focusing on passing the budget and strengthening Board of Education and municipal ties.
  • To develop a budget process that is transparent to the Board of Education and community, timely and thorough, and that provides for the educational needs of all students in our district.
  • To develop a plan for the Board of Education to optimize and expand technology as an instructional tool and an administrative tool for increased efficiencies.
  • To continue to do whatever is necessary to support the administration and staff in maintaining and exceeding our outstanding student achievement in the district.

Children living in Green Brook attend Irene E. Feldkirchner Elementary School, Green Brook Middle School and Watchung Hills Regional High School (located in Warren Township).