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The Administrator directs, facilitates and assists municipal departments and agencies in the delivery of services in the most cost effective and efficient manner to serve residents, businesses and visitors.

The Township Clerk serves as administrative officer for the Township, the secretary of the municipal corporation, as the local election administrator and as secretary to the governing body, providing a variety of administrative and community relations services for them. This office receives, distributes and assigns correspondence on behalf of the Mayor and Committee, prepares Township Meeting agendas, resolutions, proclamations, ordinances and public meeting minutes. The Clerk administers the bidding and awarding of municipal contracts. The Clerk maintains official township files and records. The Clerk also oversees a variety of licenses.


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Secretary to the Governing Body

  • Advertises, as required by law, and attends all meetings of the Township Committee and prepares agendas and meetings of the meetings. Please click here to view meeting agendas and minutes.
  • Accepts, opens, records and maintains records for all bids.
  • Accepts Volunteer Interest Application


Election Official


Contact Information

Kelly G. Cupit, Township Administrator/Municipal Clerk
Tel: (732) 968-1023 x6601
Email: kcupit@greenbrooktwp.org