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Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention is extremely important for the safety of all buildings and businesses within Green Brook. If you are a new business (or an existing business changing ownership), you must submit a Fire Inspection Registration Form along with your Zoning Application. You can print the 3-page form from our website and submit it to the Bureau of Fire Prevention through our office at 111 Greenbrook Road. If your Zoning Application (with supporting documents) was approved as a CCO and does not need a Construction Permit, the Fire Prevention Officer will then come in for the inspection. If a Construction Permit is needed then the Fire Prevention Inspection will take place at the end of the process after the Certificate of Occupancy/Certificate of Approval.

Contact Information:

Rick Ciarlariello, Fire Official
Tel: (732) 968-2630
Email: prevention@greenbrooktwp.org


Fire Prevention CCO Smoke Detector Application Process:

To Apply and Pay Online:Click Here for Online Portal     OR

To Print and Send Check or Bring to Town Hall: Click Here for Application