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Township Committee

(Pictured L-R: Deputy Mayor Jim Benscoter, Committeeman Brian Conway, Mayor Jim Van Arsdale, Committeeman Jerry Searfoss, Committeewoman Nancy Stoll)

The Township Committee is made up of 5 members elected to staggered, 3-year terms. At the Committee’s organizational meeting each January, one member is elected to serve as Mayor for a 12-month term and another is chosen to serve as Deputy Mayor. 

The Township Form of Municipal Government (NJSA 40A:63-1)
The Township form is the oldest form of municipal government in New Jersey. Under the current Township government laws, the Township Committee remains the backbone of the municipality’s government. Under the Township form, all legislative powers are concentrated in the committee (sets policies, approves budgets, determines municipal tax rates, passes resolutions and ordinances to govern the town and appoints citizen volunteers to volunteer boards and commissions).

Mayor Jim Van Arsdale

(908) 565-2965 jvanarsdale@greenbrooktwp.org

Deputy Mayor James Benscoter

(732) 902-1694 jbenscoter@greenbrooktwp.org

Committeeman Jerry Searfoss

(732) 424-2116 gsearfoss@greenbrooktwp.org

Committeewoman Nancy Stoll

(732) 968-5235 nstoll@greenbrooktwp.org

Committeeman Brian Conway

(908) 625-9182 bconway@greenbrooktwp.org