Green Brook Police Department Headquarters

109 Greenbrook Road

Green Brook, New Jersey 08812

Non-Emergency Phone: (732) 968-1188

9-1-1 (Emergencies only)

The police function is separated into three divisions:


The day-to-day operations of the police department are the responsibility of the Chief of Police. The powers of that position are directly derived through state statute and local ordinance.

The Chief of Police, as a department head, is directly accountable to the Township Administrator. His responsibilities encompass the whole of the police function from delegation of authority and assignments, to serving as the final authority in disciplinary matters, budgeting and departmental policy. The officers under his command derive their police powers from his legislated authority.

Operations Division

Operations involves the every day interactions which are most visible to the public and commonly considered to be the heart of police work. Included are the Patrol Bureau, Detective Bureau and Traffic Bureau.

  • Patrol Bureau - The uniformed patrol, utilizing marked police vehicles, is the backbone of the force with the task to "Protect and Serve" the residents of, and visitors to, our fair community. This largest complement of officers accomplishes the task through a Township-wide patrol of four sectors. The normal road patrol consists of four uniformed patrol officers and one road sergeant. They are all professionally trained and provide first-responder coverage for our residents and visitors. Patrol officers are the first on the scene to provide emergency medical treatment to the injured through our Emergency Services Unit (ESU), the first to evacuate a burning building and coordinate the fire department response, the first to respond in defense of individuals who fall victim to criminal activity, and the first to become involved with any problem our public may encounter, police or non-police related.
  • Detective Bureau - The basic function of the Detective Bureau is criminal investigations and intelligence gathering. Detectives conduct plainclothes follow-ups of serious crimes, vice activities, and juvenile matters, and assist the Patrol Division with supplemental investigations. The Detective Bureau also prepares cases for prosecution, collects evidence, and conducts interrogations of individuals involved in criminal conduct. The Detective Bureau acts as liaison between the police department and other Law Enforcement and Homeland Security agencies, at the local, state, and federal levels and functions as the Municipal Counter-Terrorism Coordinator.

If you have any information which can assist our detectives in a criminal investigation or have any information regarding possible criminal or suspicious activity,  please contact our Detective Bureau at 732-968-1188 or email them at investigations@greenbrookpd.orgAll emergencies should be reported via 9-1-1

  • Traffic Bureau - The Traffic Bureau's primary function is to provide traffic-related services to the community in the form of accident investigation, traffic direction and enforcement, traffic flow surveys, school crossing and other special assignments of similar nature. They also supplement the Patrol Bureau by actively patrolling the Township.

Services Division 
Less known and less visible but equally important is the support function that provides our public with the necessary services to make life easier and safer through programs, projects, crime prevention and records retention.

The support function of the department is vital to the total operation. Records maintained for public access include incident reports and accident reports. Other documentation involving individuals or their property are retained for legal and insurance purposes. A variety of programs and projects are provided at no cost to the public through the Community Policing Unit.


Police Department History

1928 – Green Brook is incorporated as a municipality separating from Watchung. Men residing in Green Brook who had been constables or special officers prior to the splitting of boundary lines became police officers for the new community. They were compensated for their services at the rate of $12.00 a year. The Chief, Norman Smith earned $15.00 a year.

1929 – The Township Committee provides the officers with badges.

1930 – Officers were issued .45 caliber revolvers and handcuffs.

1931 – Officers bought their own uniforms.

1932 – George Kafka, a local milkman, became Chief. He served as Chief for the next 18 years until his death in 1950.

1935 – Although the department still did not have its own police car, they had really fancy uniforms!

1938 – Green Brook Police get their first police car, a 1938 Plymouth.

1942 – Annual compensation rose from $12.00 to $100.00 a year. According to department records, the increase was largely due to the war and the large number of soldiers stationed at Camp Kilmer, who on weekends would frequent the several taverns in Green Brook. The increased stipend was probably an incentive to the officers who now, instead of investigating chicken thieves, were responding to bar room brawls on a regular basis. As a result a routine patrol on Saturday evenings was initiated during the war years.

1950 – James Durham, a trucking firm owner, was appointed Chief of Police and served in that capacity until 1958. The 50’s were major growing years for Green Brook. The population increased from approximately 1000 residents to near 4300 residents. The job of the Police Department grew proportionately. Chief Durham initiated evening patrols, Monday through Friday, and continued the Saturday evening patrol. This of course required the special police officers to devote more time to their police job. Between 1950 and 1958, the annual salary was increased from $100.00 to $350.00.

1951 – The department’s police car was equipped with a two-way radio. A low powered base station was installed in Chief Durham’s house. For many years, Mrs. Durham dispatched the evening patrol from her kitchen. Prior to the use of a radio, and dating back to Chief Kafka’s time, the patrol car would pass by the Chief’s house every half-hour. If the porch light was off it indicated “all was quiet” the porch light burning signaled the car to stop in.

1958 – On July 1, of this year, Bernard Block was appointed Chief of Police. He had served many years as a special officer and assumed the Chief’s office on a part-time basis. Robert H. Lund, after serving as a special officer became the Township’s first full-time Patrolman. Patrolman Lund provided daytime police service, while evening and weekend work continued to be handled by Chief Block and the special police officers.

1960 – July 1, 1960, Robert H. Lund is appointed Chief of Police.

1966 – The Green Brook Police Department consisted of a Chief, a sergeant and four patrolman assisted by four special officers.

1970 - During the Seventies the Department roster grows to meet the public safety demands of an increasing population, traffic and business development along U.S. Highway 22, a main corridor which links North Jersey and New York City to Pennsylvania

1984 - July 1, 1984, Chief Robert H. Lund retires, Roy Baughman promoted to Chief of Police. Department consists of, Chief, one Lieutenant, four Sergeants, one Detective and six Patrolman.

1992 - July 1, 1992, Chief Roy Baughman retires, Joseph Stopinski promoted from Captain to Chief of Police. Department consists of, one Lieutenant, four Sergeants and nine Patrolman. In September of 1992, The Green Brook Police Department replaces its aging .357 Smith & Wesson Six-shot service revolver with the Semi-Automatic Smith & Wesson .40 caliber model 4046.

1996 - March 1, 1996, Chief Joseph Stopinski retires, Martin Rasmussen is promoted from Lieutenant to Chief of Police.