Crime Prevention

Intelligence Led Policing and Crime Prevention


Crime Prevention

Intelligence-led policing is a business model and managerial philosophy where data analysis and crime intelligence are pivotal to an objective, decision-making framework that facilitates crime and problem reduction, disruption and prevention through both strategic management and effective enforcement strategies that target prolific and serious offenders.

Source: Ratcliffe, JH (2008) 'Intelligence-Led Policing' (Willan Publishing: Cullompton, Devon).

Intelligence-led policing is a law enforcement strategy that focuses on the reduction of crime through the use of criminal analysis and intelligence. In this approach, information is gathered through the use of confidential informants, criminal interrogations, crime and calls for service analysis, surveillance of suspects, and community sources. The information is then analyzed to provide law enforcement managers with actionable intelligence that can assist in determining future policing tactics, prevention activities and further intelligence gathering operations. Intelligence-led policing is a post 9/11 philosophy that places greater emphasis on multi-agency information sharing, and a more collaborative effort to solving crime at the local and regional level. The Green Brook Police Department is committed to fostering collaboration with the public and their fellow law enforcement agencies to reduce the potential occurrence of criminal activity. Intelligence gathering and dissemination is a function of the Green Brook Police Department Detective Bureau. 

If you have any information that can assist our detectives in a criminal investigation or have any information regarding possible criminal or suspicious activity,  please contact our Detective Bureau at 732-968-1188 or email them at

Crime Prevention

Vacation House Checks: Anyone planning a vacation or anticipating an extended absence from their home, can arrange to have their homes checked by a Police Officer periodically during that absence. A short form is required to be completed with contact information and emergency contacts. For more information contact police headquarters at (732) 968-1188.

Bike Registration Program: This program enables residents to record bicycle information with the Police Department in case this bicycle is lost or stolen. This program is extremely useful in identifying and returning a child's bike should that bike be lost or stolen. A short form is required to be completed and a registration number and sticker is provided to the participant to be placed on the bicycle. For more information contact police headquarters at (732) 968-1188.

Alarm registration Program: This program is required by local ordinance to have all residences that have an alarm device be registered with the Police Department. Completion of a short form is required. For more information contact police headquarters at (732) 968-1188

Police Headquarters Tours: If there are any youth groups that would like to tour Green Brook Police Headquarters please contact police headquarters at (732) 968-1188.