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Officer Goldstein Wins Krauss Award 

Friday, December 18, 2009 9:27:14 AM

Officer Lawrence Goldstein, better know as Officer Larry recieved the Jean & Paul Krauss Award at the December 15th  Freeholder meeting.

The Krauss Award is given to an individual who has demonstrated an impact through direct service on the lives of children who may at risk or in the Juvenile Justice System. The individual must have a proven track record of successfully networking with various agencies within the system the work with this population in order to develop programs and services to improve the lives children and assist in their development as productive citizens.

Larry became the DARE Officer and has worked his way up to be a DARE Mentor and Instructor. The highest level you can reach in the program. His enthusiasm and belief in teaching and working with the children has made this a model program in our township. The kids call him long after they have graduated from the program because they know he will listen and help them. He has received calls from kids after they have gone off to college because they needed someone to talk to. He is always available to our kids and often times spends his off time being there for an event to let the kids know he cares.

He has earned the Safe Schools Education Initiative Certification and uses all that he learned to keep our children and schools safe.

He has received numerous letters of appreciation from parents of the children he has helped. 

He is a School Resource Officer at Watchung Hills High School and our middle school and plans programs for the kids based on what he is hearing and seeing from them. 

He has run programs for our PTO parents on the internet, what to watch for, how to monitor the childrens usage and has made his number available to any parent who needs help searching the computer.   He ran a program for the parents on cyber bullying and the importance of parents knowing where their children are surfing on the internet.

He has served on our Municipal Alliance and Youth Services Commission since the inception of both and rearranges his schedule to be at the meetings and give his input. He has volunteered for Challenge Day at Watchung Hills High School numerous times.