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The Engineering Department provides engineering and other technical services to the administration and all other departments of the Township. The Engineering Department also manages, supervises and inspects the construction of improvements within the Township.


These projects include the following

  • Street Improvements
  • Storm Sewer Construction and Repair
  • Municipal Parking Lot Construction and Improvements
  • Municipal Buildings and Grounds Improvements and Repair
  • Environmental Remediation on Municipal Properties
  • Provide Flood Zone Determinations and Certifications


The Engineering Department provides technical assistance to the Lan Use Board and Zoning Department and reviews site plans and subdivision applications before the Board. Upon approval by the Board, Engineering inspects the site construction of the development to ensure compliance with Board approvals. Is also responsible for regulating and inspecting certain activities occurring within the Township.


The Department issues permits for the following

  • Driveway construction and widening
  • Tree Removal
  • Soil Importation/Soil Exportation Permits


The Engineer is available to address public complaints, concerns and information requests with respect to streets and infrastructure conditions and other related matters in the public right-of-way.


Contact Information

  • Richard Roseberry, richard.roseberry@collierseng.com
  • 732-968-1023 x6610, Township office number (checked weekly)
  • 610-868-4201 (Colliers Engineering number)
  • Office Hours: Tuesday, 8:30am-9:30am, please call or email ahead of time to secure an appointment.