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Below is some information intended to help residents understand their bill and the process. There is a link at the bottom of this article for residents who still have questions after reading this information. Each year the tax assessor adjusts assessments of all properties each year based on sales of similar homes in town, with the goal of keeping values as close to what they would sell for as possible.

The new assessments are mailed to every home in March, and if you do not agree with that value, you have until May 1 to file an appeal with the county tax board. It is usually a good idea to talk with the assessor before filing the appeal, so you can get examples of similar homes that sold prior to October 1, for comparison. State law requires the Township to add up the amount needed for the budget of the Township, the Board of Education, County, County Library and local and County Open Space, to come up with the total needed to collect to support these six budgets.

This year, that total is roughly $39.8 million. We divide that amount by the total of all property assessments in town, to get a tax rate. That tax rate is then applied to each property to come up with your 2023 total bill. The Township does not collect extra when assessments rise or less when they fall. The total amount collected fluctuates only because of changes in the six budgets that make up the tax bill. Each resident’s assessment and the calculated tax rate determines how much of that $39.8 million they will pay.

This year, the total assessments (values of all Green Brook properties) rose by 7.5%. If you experienced a significant increase in your tax bill, your assessment (property value) rose more than 7.5%. This often happens when homes similar in size and character to your home sold for much more than their assessed value, or had a 2022 assessment that was lower than the market value. The actual sales from last year are used to adjust home values for this year, adjusting for size, location, room counts, etc. Each of the first two installments of 2023 are one fourth (25%) of the total taxes billed for your property in 2022.

When there is a tax increase, that whole increase must be collected in the second half of the year. So, this appears to double the impact. DO NOT take your current bill and multiply it by four! Once the tax rate is certified by the State in August, your fourth quarter bill will be issued. That amount should be the same (or very close) to the amount shown on your August bill. BUT the next two installments (February and May of 2024) will be lower.

If you need additional information about your property tax bill, the best way to reach the Tax Collector Raymond Murray is by e-mail at Those without e-mail access should call (732) 968-1023 x 6604. Be sure to leave your name, address and phone number if you get voicemail.