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The Dr. John Vermeule House, one of Green Brook’s historic links to its early settlers, was built as a farmstead.  Construction began in 1799 and became occupied by the Vermeule family in 1805.  Dr. Vermeule practiced medicine and operated a farm on the original 113 acres of his property.  The home is based on a blending of English and Dutch architectural traditions with Georgian and Federal style influences.
Vermeule ownership of the property ended in 1824.  Various families bought and sold the property over the years, namely Vail, Cohen, Voorhies and lastly, Mundy.  The farmstead continued to function as a dairy farm into the mid-20th century.  The township of Green Brook acquired the house and remaining 2.2 acres of the property in 2008.  Necessary preservation renovations have been made to some structural elements, but the house is virtually unchanged from its original construction.
The Dr. John. Vermeule House at 223 Rock Avenue, Green Brook will be open for visitors on Saturday 9/16 at 10:00am-12:00pm.  There you will meet several of its volunteer members to give you a glimpse into the 19th and 20th century rural living.  There are some interesting outbuildings and farm equipment to see on the 2-acre property.
Mark your calendars and consider participating as a volunteer or enjoy the event as a proud resident!
Our meetings are held at Green Brook Town Hall, 111 Greenbrook Road, on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:30pm.  We also offer Zoom, for those who can’t come in person.  Our group has a lot of fun exploring our local history and doing our best to preserve and document Green Brook's rich heritage.  Please consider joining us!  For additional information, please contact 732-968-7696.  Please leave a brief message with your name and phone number, and you’ll receive a call back.