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There has been a recent increase in residential burglaries and stolen vehicles that have occurred in Green Brook Township and throughout the entire state of New Jersey. The Green Brook Police Department would like to take this opportunity to provide some information to our residents to help reduce the possibility of becoming a burglary victim.

1. Report ANY and ALL suspicious activity you may see in your neighborhood.

2. Install quality door locks and dead bolts to all exterior doors of your home.

3. Keep all windows and doors locked, especially on the first floor.

4. If you do not have one or both, install an alarm system and surveillance cameras on the exterior and interior of your home. Make sure the alarm is monitored by a central station that will immediately notify the police first when there is an activation. Additionally, when you install cameras ensure that the system has a street, driveway, all door entrances, and perimeter views if possible.

5. If you already have these systems, make sure you activate them and ensure that they are working properly. We suggest you have a battery/cellular backup installed and your system has remote monitoring capabilities.

6. Install motion lights on the perimeter of your property and make sure the exterior of your home is always well lit during all nighttime hours.

7. Communicate with your neighbors. Advise them when you are going on vacation or extended weekend trips so they can monitor your home. Have them take in your mail, package deliveries, garbage/recycle cans, and report any activity that may be out of the ordinary.

8. DO NOT post on any social media sites that you are on vacation and for how long. We advise that you post any pictures/events from your trip after you return home.

9. Fill out a vacation house check form at the Green Brook Police Dept. if no one is available to check on your residence when you go on vacation or extended weekend trips. Once the form is submitted, your home will be specifically checked by the patrol division in your absence.

10. Keep any valuables and or cash in a home safe that is secured to the floor or wall. In the event you do not have a safe, secure these items in a well hidden location that is not in your office or bedrooms, including your safe.

11. Lock your vehicles, do not leave key fobs or garage door remotes in the vehicles, and do not leave purses or valuables in plain view.

The Green Brook Police Department takes all investigations and the safety of our residents seriously. We encourage you to report any suspicious incidents no matter how minor it may seem to 732-968-1188. For any emergencies, please dial 911.